PSA: Someone is Impersonating Me Online

Over the past few months, a small group of individuals have been impersonating me online using fake email addresses, shell accounts, and other mediums. These individuals are skilled at social engineering, and are also criminally dangerous. So far, the purpose seems to be attempts to gain access to confidential information, and to create proxied (MiTM’d) trust relationships between parties. They have also created fake websites to intentionally spread technical disinformation for their own purposes, falsely claiming to be authored by other respected researchers.

If you receive any unexpected communication from me, especially from an unknown email address, phone number, or another medium, please reach out to me on a trusted form of communication to verify if it is me. Please note, I do not presently have any social media accounts.

I have been working with an attorney and with the district attorney’s office. We do know who the individuals are, and the situation is being closely monitored. Please reach out to the Riverside County, CA District Attorney’s Office at (951) 955-5400 with any information if you suspect you have been contacted by someone falsely claiming to be me.