Ballistic Has Been Acquired

To my fantastic Ballistic customers,

It’s been an incredible six years watching Ballistic grow from a humble trajectory computer to top the charts as the App Store’s most popular field firing system. Ballistic has grown organically – a rarity in this industry – through word of mouth, and nothing more. Not a single penny was ever spent on advertising to grow Ballistic, and yet it’s been featured in the NRA’s rifleman magazine, reviewed in a number of online magazines and blogs, and is now used by many world class competition shoots, military, and police sharpshooters. It has become a trusted name in the industry, and for that I am deeply grateful to all of you who have told your friends about it, and helped support the product with great ideas and requests.

Many of you have been asking me when an Android version is coming, or when other platforms will be supported, or new hardware that’s just now coming out, and are eager to see Ballistic continue to grow in capabilities. There are a lot of great new things that can be done with Ballistic, and I think there’s much more in store. I can’t do all of this alone, though, and so I’ve been in talks over the past few months with a team who has the resources to take the Ballistic suite of products to the next level.

On September 19, Peak Studios acquired the rights to the Ballistic suite of products, and has some amazing plans for it. I have spent a lot of time discussing their vision for Ballistic, and they’ve earned my trust with a project that I hold dear to my heart. The Peak Studios team is incredibly talented, and can take Ballistic to places that I haven’t had the time to as a personal project. Peak Studios has the skill and resources to devote to Ballistic, and I think we’ll all be really impressed with where the product goes in the future.

I am working with the Peak Studios team to ensure a very smooth and uninterrupted transition, while helping to deal with the migration of codebase and any issues that may crop up. In the meantime, please direct all of your support requests to

I am still continuing to develop App Store apps, and have recently set my sights on the emerging fitness market, with my latest application Fitcubs (, among other ideas. I hope to see you around in other markets, as it’s been a pleasure talking to many of you and supporting you as a customer. A big part of Ballistic’s success has been it’s great customer base. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.