Commercial Projects

Ballistic: The Pro Ballistics Trajectory Calculator for iPhone
Ballistic is a fast, highly-accurate ballistic trajectory calculator and range companion for the iPhone. Ballistic calculates path, windage, velocity, time, and energy for any valid range, and can compensate for atmospheric conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and altitude. It’s also much more than a basic trajectory calculator. With a vast library of nearly 3,000 projectiles, range estimation calculator, and a range log, Ballistic is a complete mobile companion for hunting or at the range.

iErase: Zero Free Space
Want to make sure a deleted confidential email or embarrassing photo is purged forever from your iPhone, but don’t want to go through the inconvenience of wiping the entire device? Simply deleting a file doesn’t guarantee it’s gone for good. Protect your deleted data from being recovered by hacking tools and prying eyes, or in the event your iPhone is stolen.

iGlow: The Fun Night Writer for iPhone
iGlow is a fun, child-friendly drawing application allowing you to draw in up to seven colors of light. Within a few seconds of drawing anything on the screen, your writing will begin to fade. Choose from red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, and white. Just double tap to change color or choose one from the palette. Line thickness can also be changed as a global setting. Nothing fancy, just a fun night-time doodling application that will keep your kids busy and happy. The Nintendo Emulator for iPhone lets you play Nintendo games on your iPhone. It is a fully functional, feature-rich Nintendo emulator, and one of my original projects for iPhone.

Non-Profit Projects

AMBER Alert: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
AMBER Alert is the official iPhone AMBER Alert and Missing Child Alert tool for the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. AMBER Alerts are issued whenever a missing child case is granted the high-risk AMBER status and has been used to aide in the recovery of missing children. The iPhone application provides a real-time feed of active AMBER alerts including victim and suspect photos and information, direct phone numbers to police precincts, and a reporting mechanism allowing you to report a sighting.

Apache Evasive Maneuvers Module
A module for Apache (both 1.3 and 2.0) giving Apache the ability to detect and fend off request-based DoS/DDoS attacks and brute-force attacks conserving your system resources and bandwidth. This tool can be configured to report abusers and even talk to network gear (such as a firewall or ipchains).

DSPAM: The uber-spam killer
DSPAM is an open-source statistical spam filter delivery extremely high levels of accurate filtering. It can be implemented as part of a mail server’s makeup or linked directly into third-party applications for drop-in filtering. DSPAM’s success rate for most users runs from 99.95% all the way up to 99.991%.
In 2006, I sold the rights to DSPAM to Sensory Networks, Inc. Sensory Networks has since contributed the application back to the open source community, however I am no longer affiliated with the project. For more information about DSPAM, please visit the link below.

WebConference LiveHelp!
WebConference LiveHelp is a commercial-grade, open-source live customer care suite. Features include live one-on-one customer service chat, real-time visitor tracking, knowledge base, and more.

Defunct / Discontinued Projects

Australian Programming Conventions Library
A set of useful includes and macros designed to make C programming (invented for the American dialect) more conventional for Australian programmers.

With the new MacBook Pro’s including a built-in iSight, I thought it useful to take snapshots of the nut behind the keyboard whenever an invalid password is entered, either at login or in a screensaver.

Bayesian Noise Reduction Library
Bayesian Noise Reduction (BNR) processing library. libbnr provides a direct interface for filter authors to add Bayesian Noise Reduction logic into their code, and is released under the GPL. Now part of the DSPAM software package.

MacLoJack was inspired by the users of AuthSight. MacLoJack is a system daemon running under Mac OSX designed to call home when your Mac is reported stolen. Once activated, MacLoJack will wait until it has an available network connection and every 60 seconds upload as much data as it has available, including network information, screen captures, and iSight snapshots ( if equipped). This information can then be given to law enforcement to assist wi th your recovery efforts.
(No Longer Available)

Pocket DynDNS / Pocket No-IP
Pocket DynDNS and Pocket No-IP are PocketPC dynamic DNS clients. Unfortunately, the source code for this project was lost prior to the project becoming defunct, however PocketPC binaries for the final release are still available thanks to the warez community that pirated it all over the ‘net.

Reactive Automated Blackhole List Server
The RABL is a real-time (as in up-to-the-second), machine-automated blackhole list where blacklisting is performed automatically based on how wide spread the network coverage of a spammer/virus drone/etc is (as opposed to the number of reports received).
(No Longer Available)

Verizon-Compatible SMIL Multimedia Gateway
The SMIL Gateway is a software tool designed to analyze and extract SMIL data being sent via HTTP request and write any attached files to disk. SMIL stands for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (pronounced “smile”). A SMIL transmission contains a multimedia presentation, and is used as a wireless transport for many different mediums, including Verizon’s PIX Place service. The SMIL gateway listens for, then deciphers incoming multimedia data via HTTP transport. It conveniently creates directories based on the sender’s phone number and drops the files in the corresponding directory.

Whiplash CGI IRC Client
This is an OLD OLD project from about 1995. It is written in PERL and was the first free CGI IRC client ever designed to my knowledge. While this code no longer reflects the best of my PERL coding ability, it is still a useful educational tool.

Zamar (OpenNAP CE)
An OpenNAP (Napster) protocol client for Embedded Windows / PocketPC. Unfortunately the source code for this project was lost prior to the project becoming defunct, however PocketPC binaries for the final release are still available thanks to Handango’s poor purge practices.

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