Reclassifying Semi-Auto Rifles under the National Firearms Act

I have been revising and tweaking this article every time there’s a mass shooting in the news. It has become a very sad and depressing thing to constantly bump the date on this content, knowing that it will simply fall on deaf ears until a member of congress reads it.

I’m a long time responsible gun owner who, like most sensible people, want more controls on semi-automatic rifles – particularly, assault rifles. Indeed, there’s Kool-Aid on both sides about assault weapons, and both have some questionable notions about them. The extreme left seems to have developed an irrational fear and hatred of all guns and the extreme right believes the only solution to guns are more guns. Consider this alternative perspective from someone who’s spent over 15 years shooting and smithing guns, obtained NRA certifications to supervise ranges and carry concealed weapons, and up until a few years ago – when I sold the rights to it – produced the #1 ballistics calculator in the App Store.

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