Day: July 21, 2010

Day 3: Bass Camp Makes You Walk Funny

Imagine if you could plan your entire life before you were born. What you would do, when you’d do it, what you’d accomplish every step of your life. All of your goals. Now imagine if, when you were born, you walked them out verbatim as if you were following a script. You’d be utterly bored with your entire life. Victor was speaking about preparing for our upcoming concert: he doesn’t like to over-prepare, because just as the audience likes to be surprised to see what happens, so do good musicians. Musicians like to be creative; we like to improvise. We live and breathe music, and always have a tune going through our heads. As Jonelle Mosser (who was also there today) put it: musicians can never get any peace and quiet, because even when it’s silent around us, something’s always going through our heads. In life, we walk through certain things as though we’re following a script, but the real joy is in the unexpected surprises that we encounter. They excite us; they make us feel alive. Seeking out new things is what makes us thrive. Walking out some script for our lives causes us to dry out and wither. Vic and I share an affinity for aimless driving. Even the tiny things in life can be exciting when you’re exploring.Your life is a reflection of your music. What kind of passion do you have inside of you? Whatever’s on the inside is going to come out: both in your music and in your life. If your life is exciting and full of spirit, that’s going to come out in your playing.

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