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Respected in his community as an iOS forensics expert, Jonathan is a noted security researcher, penetration tester, and hacker. Author of many books ranging from machine learning to iPhone hacking and software development, Jonathan frequently trains many federal and state law enforcement agencies in digital forensic techniques and assists law enforcement and the military in high profile cases. Jonathan is also inventor on several US patent applications, father of DSPAM and other language classification technology, and an App Store developer. All opinions expressed on this website are the author's own. Follow Jonathan on Twitter: @JZdziarski

Is Apple’s new 2FA Really Secure? (Answer: It’s Pretty Solid)

I’ve recently updated my TL;DR regarding the recent celebrity iCloud hacks. I now summarize Apple’s latest changes to improve their 2-factor authentication (2FA) . Apple has implemented not just a band-aid, but a very good security solution to protect iCloud accounts, by … Continue reading

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Apple Should Have Abandoned NFC and Acquired LoopPay Instead

Is it OK to admit that NFC exists now? Apple’s latest iPhone models now incorporate the near-field communications technology that’s been around in Android phones for a few years… and a little too late, according to many experts. Over a year … Continue reading

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Apple Addresses iOS Surveillance and Forensics Vulnerabilities

After some preliminary testing, it appears that a number of vulnerabilities reported in my recent research paper and subsequent talk at HOPE/X have been addressed by Apple in iOS 8. The research outlined a number of risks for wireless remote … Continue reading

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The Nubble Lighthouse in Cape Neddick, ME sits on Nubble Island, just off shore. It’s one of Maine’s most beautiful lighthouses, and if you come at the right time of day, you can get right down onto the rocks near … Continue reading

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TL;DR: Hacked Celebrity iCloud Accounts

(This document will continue to evolve as more information becomes available) Earlier this week, a number of compromised celebrity iCloud accounts were leaked onto the Internet. Initially, @SwiftOnSecurity was kind enough to post some metadata at my request for exif information … Continue reading

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Twitter Ads were completely useless for me

I conducted a small experiment in advertising to see if Twitter’s new ads system was worth investing in. I targeted two of my AppStore products. The first, Ballistic: Advanced Edition, has been very successful over the past five years and … Continue reading

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Step Falls

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An Example of Forensic Science at its Worst: US v. Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair

In early 2014, I provided material support in what would end up turning around what was, in their own words, the US Army’s biggest case in a generation, and much to the dismay of the prosecution team that brought me … Continue reading

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No Trespassing

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White Paper: Identifying back doors, attack points, and surveillance mechanisms in iOS devices

I received word from the editor-in-chief that the author of an accepted paper has permission to publish it on his website, and so I am now making my research available to anyone who wishes to read it. The following paper, “Identifying back doors, attack … Continue reading

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