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Respected in his community as an iOS forensics expert, Jonathan is a noted security researcher, penetration tester, and hacker. Author of many books ranging from machine learning to iPhone hacking and software development, Jonathan frequently trains many federal and state law enforcement agencies in digital forensic techniques and assists law enforcement and the military in high profile cases. Jonathan is also inventor on several US patent applications, father of DSPAM and other language classification technology, and an App Store developer. All opinions expressed on this website are the author's own. Follow Jonathan on Twitter: @JZdziarski

Low Country Boondocks #2

I decided to re-process a number of my photos lately. I’m learning that processing photography is like make-up: less is more. The best photos need very little. You spend hundreds of dollars on Photoshop post tools, like Nik and Topaz … Continue reading

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Before the Storm

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Vacuum every SQLite database

find ~/Library -type f -exec sh -c “grep ‘^SQLite format 3′ \”{}\” && echo ‘VACUUM;’ | sqlite3 \”{}\” ” \;

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What You Need to Know About WireLurker

Mobile Security company Palo Alto Networks has released a new white paper titled WireLurker: A New Era in iOS and OS X Malware. I’ve gone through their findings, and also managed to get a hold of the WireLurker malware to … Continue reading

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Samples: DxO OpticsPro 10 ClearView Haze Removal

I’m truly stunned. Check out DxO OpticsPro 10’s new ClearView haze removal feature. This is the original image (taken somewhere between Pahrump, CA and Death Valley on a hot summer day). Now check out the photo with ClearView’s default setting … Continue reading

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Yosemite Could Easily Support LTE-Enabled MacBooks in the Future

With Yosemite’s release comes a lot of brand new code from Apple, and much to be explored. As you would expect, much of Yosemite’s codebase is shared with iOS 8. With this includes cellular capabilities, which could make it very … Continue reading

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Damage Warning on C-SLIDE Webcam Covers for Laptops

About a year ago, I installed some of those little C-SLIDE plastic sliding webcam covers (from @WebcamCovers) on all of our laptops in the house (the kind that are now ubiquitous and private branded by everybody). This week, I had to … Continue reading

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Preliminary Findings on Whisper

At the suggestion of @kashhill, I did a brief analysis of the Whisper iOS application, which appears to be at the height of controversy with respect to user privacy. My preliminary observations follow. Note, I am only looking at the technical … Continue reading

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Disk Analyzer: Zero Free Space on Your iOS Device

Interested in the low level statistics of your iOS device’s disk, such as inode consumption and other file system metrics? Disk Analyzer allows you to view and work with your device’s used and free space and partition statistics. This simple little … Continue reading

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